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Cumdi Srl

Via A. Volta, 23

21010 Germignaga



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Our business partner Cumdi Srl. offers further processing of our raw tungsten carbide products. For over 30 years the Italy-based-company provides its costumers with high quality semi-finished tungsten carbide products for the high speed tool industry.




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    +49 9221 878023-0

Cumdi is able to perform the following procedures within very strict tolerances using specially designed machining:







  • Cones
  • Butting
  • Reductions
  • Special on demand machining
  • Grinding from diameters 1.00 to 25.00 mm
  • Cylinder cutting
  • Chamfer angles

International distributing partners



Mr. Michael Wu

Wu Carbide Corporation

12F-3, No.9-7, Sec.2, Taichung Kang Rd.

Taichung City, Taiwan, 40758




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